About Curam

Curam was founded by Marie Jansson. Living an active lifestyle, Marie have been taking professional cupping treatments on a regular basis for the past ten years and experienced a great impact on her body and overall wellbeing. Such as less muscle pain and sickness. She also felt that cupping contributed to a more balanced way of living and overall feeling of wellness.

2018 she received a rubber cupping set from a friend, who had been traveling in Asia. During that winter she started cupping her legs in the shower every day after skiing. She quickly noticed that the usual dumb legs felt a lot less heavier and stiff and more alert and responsive the day after. She started using the cups more frequently, often in the shower after workout or after a long day in front of the computer, amazed by the pleasing effect she experienced in her body and mind.

Having first hand experienced the many benefits of cupping therapy, Marie wanted to share that with others. She started sketching on her own cupping kit and concept that would fit a modern active lifestyle and the bodys need for self-care. The vision to create simple and effective self care tools that effectively target the hectic modern lifestyle was born.

She wanted to combine the ancient healing art of cupping with Scandinavian design and simplicity along with guidelines and inspiration that would fit different lifestyles and needs. To create a little space in a nonstop, fast-pace everyday life.

The name Curam is latin for “take care of” and that is the sole purpose of the brand. To thrive to help you take care of yourself in simple and efficient ways. When and where it might suit you.

Curam truly believes that the power of wellbeing is in your own hands. Sometimes you might just need the right tools.

Take Care

Marie Jansson, Founder Curam

By moving cupping therapy to the convenience of your own home, Curam wants to make the treatment available to more. As a complement to your professional treatments or as part of your personal self care routine.

The story of
cupping therapy

Cupping is one of the most widely used alternative medicine methods. The holistic practice dates back to ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Indian cultures, where it was used for treatment of stiff shoulders, swollen bones and aches.

Today cupping is used all over the world and various cupping methods have been developed. Often used as a complement to professional massage treatments for reduction of stagnation in the muscles, skin and connective tissue.

Although research on scientifically proven effects of cupping is currently relatively limited, there is a demand for further studies being carried out to clarify the biological mechanism and clinical effects of cupping.

That being said, millions of people have testified about the many benefits of cupping since ancient history.

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